Building Healthy Competition


The Seton School Athletic Program is a source of pride for its students, staff, parents, coaches, pastors, and alumni. Seton School expects everyone associated with our athletic program to fulfill their responsibility of good sportsmanship, high character, and respect for others. We will strive to help all our athletes reach their athletic potential as well as experience the benefits of healthy competition, teamwork and fun.

Any Seton student who wishes to participate in our athletic program and makes the necessary commitment set forth by the team will be given the opportunity to participate. The success of our athletic program will not be judged by wins and losses. The goal of our athletic program is to help our young people reach their full athletic potential as well as experience the benefits of healthy competition and teamwork with proper appreciation and respect for the opportunities and abilities God has given them. 


  • Provide for all students wishing to participate in athletics, the opportunity to develop and improve their skills and physical condition.
  • Help our athletes understand and appreciate the importance of hard work and sportsmanship as well as maintain a healthy perspective on teamwork versus individual achievement.
  • Have Seton athletics be a teaching opportunity to stress the values of our school.


It is recognized that Seton Catholic School interscholastic athletic events should be conducted in such a manner that good sportsmanship prevails at all times. It is an expectation at Seton Catholic School that every effort is made by students, athletes, coaches, and parents to promote good sportsmanship and healthy competition. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any student, athlete, coach, or parent may result in consequential action taken by the Seton Administration