Seton Family Business Network

Need your house painted? Need a new car? Need your luncheon catered?

Chances are there is a Seton parent who owns a business that can provide
those goods or services... And now there's a way to find them!

The Seton Family Business Network (SFBN) is a way for Seton families to support one other. Seton business owners market their products and/or services, and Seton "consumers" have an easy way to find what they need while choosing to patronize a fellow Seton family's business. Think of it as a Seton Chamber of Commerce!

This program is completely voluntary. Only businesses owned by parents or legal guardians of Seton Catholic School students may be listed. This program is not intended to endorse or ensure any business transactions, it is simply a way for Seton families to connect and support each other, should they choose. 

If you are a Seton business owner, and would like to list your company on the SFBN, please fill out an enrollment form and return it tho the elementary or middle school office. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY! You may also email your information to Melissa Garcia at

Take a look at our most updated directory: Seton Family Business Network Directory as of 10/10/2016.