Euchre Tournament

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Culeman's Hall

Cash Prize to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

COST:  $20 per person,  $25 at door





  1. Absolutely NO Table Talk
  2. Please NO cell phones (silence them and put them away)
  3. “Stick the Dealer” applies - dealer has to call trump if everyone has passed around twice
  4. A card laid is a card played
  5. Mis-deal:    $1.00 in penalty jar               
         Dealer re-deals (1 time only, if second misdeal occurs, dealer loses deal
  6. Reneging:  Automatic 2 points awarded to opposing team and hand is over, next person deals. In the case of a renege during a Loner attempt, the non-offending team scores 4 points
  7. Play the cards you are dealt – no Farmer Hand, no “Ace-no-Face”, etc.
  8. Take any breaks in between hands only
  9. Judge’s ruling stands on any dispute
  10. Rotation is predetermined by number of player
  11. Tournament winner is determined by total points won after five rounds
  12. Points:
    Take majority of tricks              1 point     
    Take all tricks                           2 points
    Alone-take majority of tricks    1 point
    Alone-take all tricks                 4 points
    Set                                            - 2 points
    Set on Loner                             - 4 points