Fourth Grade Classrooms


Welcome to 4T

Fourth grade is such an exciting year of transitions! The students are taking on more responsibility this year, as they learn the importance of staying organized, using planners on a daily basis, and keeping up with homework. Fourth graders are also improving upon their time management skills, study skills, and test-taking skills as they meet each new challenge. Their hard work and progress is now measured in part by letter grades, which fourth graders receive for the first time.

The fourth grade curriculum offers plenty of opportunities for fun, hands-on learning! We enjoy learning about pioneer life and Laura Ingalls Wilder, including a field trip to Pioneer Village (in full pioneer attire!). We learn our fifty states and capitals, as well as lots of fun information about various regions of our country. As readers, we will engage in purposeful reading whether it is in reading a book for enjoyment or closely analyzing informational texts. Our math lessons take us much further into multiplication and division this year, and we gain a deeper understanding of the Ten Commandments.

Our biggest goal as a class is to be good disciples of Christ and to share His love with others. Thank you for your support as we work together to achieve this! Please contact me with any questions or concerns at

Mrs. Taylor


Welcome to 4W

Welcome to 4th grade!  I believe the key to academic success is to develop a love of learning.  I want students to love school as much as I do, and this comes from feeling safe and successful at school.   Our classroom is a welcoming environment where all students can work together and develop their God-given talents.  Fourth grade is an important time for students as they learn to take on more responsibility for their homework assignments and test preparation.  I will teach students how to be organized and prepared for each school day by using their assignment notebook and practicing a variety of study skills.  The fourth grade curriculum brings many fun projects and activities! We will enjoy units on the pioneers, the United States, presidents, and much more!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns at 757-5500 or

Mrs. Wolfe