Special Services

Seton Catholic School students are eligible to participate in the Moline Public Schools Special Services Program assuming state and federal criteria are met. Either parents or teachers may request a student be referred for a possible educational case study. Parental approval is required. If a case study is warranted, an evaluation will be conducted by a psychologist from the public school district. An evaluation report and recommendations are forwarded to the parents/school and a meeting is scheduled during which parents and appropriate parochial and public school personnel discuss the report and its findings. There is no charge for this service. The Moline School system does provide Seton School with a part time resource teacher and speech therapist.


English Language Learner Program

To advance all classroom learning, ELL students in kindergarten through 5th grade at Seton Catholic School may receive pull-out services in addition to accommodations in the regular classroom. Eligibility for this program is determined through formal testing and consultation with classroom teachers. Students are pulled either individually or in small groups for 20 to 30 minutes daily of specialized instruction.


Reading & Math Intervention Program

Seton Catholic School has two teachers to support classroom learning with high quality individualized instruction and intervention to meet academic needs as soon as they are evident. These teachers consult with classroom teachers at all levels when students are struggling to learn in the basic areas of reading and math, helping to assess the difficulties and consulting to provide interventions both in and out of the regular classroom.


Special Needs

Seton Catholic School will admit students with special educational needs whenever possible. When a family applies for enrollment, the administration and parents/guardians will meet to define the student’s special needs and the school’s ability to meet those needs.

If you have any questions on auxiliary services, please do not hesitate to contact the office at (309)-757-5500.