Service Learning Program

“Let us ask you: when you help others, do you look them in the eye? Do you embrace them without being afraid to touch them? Do you embrace them with tenderness? Think about this: how do you help? From a distance or with tenderness, with closeness?” (Pope Francis, 2/15/15, Angelus)

In the spirit of the gospels and the witness of Jesus Christ, Christian service is an integral part of a Seton education. Students in grades kindergarten through eight will participate in minimally two community service projects each year. These will typically be carried out during the seasons of Advent and Lent. In grades Kindergarten through three, students will reflect on their service through class discussion. Students in grades four through eight will aim their service projects/work on the needs of the community and the interests of the students and carry out one service project each quarter. Each grade level is encouraged to establish a relationship with a specific organization(s) to support their service work on an ongoing basis.


Eighth Grade Student Community Service Program

As part of our religion class requirements, eighth grade students must complete a total of 25 hours of community service by the end of the 3rd quarter. All 25 hours may be completed ahead of time if a student prefers (either during the summer or in the first two weeks of school.) If a student chooses to complete his/her community service during their 8th grade year, then at least ten hours must be done during the 1st quarter, at least ten hours during the 2nd quarter and the remaining hours necessary to complete 25 hours must be done during the 3rd quarter. Students will receive a form to record their service hours at the end of their 7th grade year and at the beginning of their 8th grade year as well. Dates will be posted quarterly regarding turn in times throughout the year. Service hours earned over the summer months and early in the school year must be turned in within the first two weeks of school.

The total service hours completed by each student need to include time spent on two types of
community service:

  • School, church or community based service – ten hours
  • Hands on service to the poor, elderly or handicapped – ten hours

The remaining five hours can be spent on either of the two service options listed above.

Kiwanis Builders Club

Seton School has organized a Kiwanis Builders Club with over 20 middle school student members. This club is led by teachers and performs service projects for their school and community.

Kiwanis Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school and junior high students, with more than 40,000 members worldwide. Members learn to work together and develop servant-leaders skills as they serve their school and community.  It is a student-led community service organization that operates under school regulations and draws its members from the student body.  A Kiwanis club, composed of like-minded, service-oriented people from the community, serves as the club’s sponsor.



6th Grade Kings Harvest Donation

Sixth Grade Kings Harvest Service Project


4th Grade Kids Against Hunger

Fourth Grade Kids Against Hunger Project



Builders Club Officers

 Builders Club Officers