Science Curriculum

The Seton science curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards for Science. Teachers use a variety of resources to implement these standards. In grades kindergarten through 6th, students use textbooks from the Harcourt Science Series. In 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, students use textbooks from the Glencoe Science Series. The content includes physical, earth, and life sciences. Our middle school houses two science labs for experiments and a computer lab for analysis of data, research, and communication.

The Seton science curriculum offers students an opportunity to explore a variety of science topics through scientific inquiry, hands-on experiences, use of technology, and other exciting activities. These methods help students develop science process skills such as the ability to ask questions, make detailed observations and connections, and draw conclusions. Through the use of appropriate instruments, electronic equipment, computers and networks, students are able to perform experiments, analyze data, and communicate results. These skills help students connect what they learn to the real world and encourage them to explore the curiosities around them using an active problem solving approach.

Middle School students have the opportunity to join Seton's "Lego League" - a robotics program designed to get children excited about science and technology and teach them valuable employment and life skills.