Mathletics Program

Seton students, depending on their grade, are using the Mathletics online program.

Mathletics is the world's number one mathematics learning platform used by more than 5000 schools and 3 million students worldwide. Mathletics visually supports every math curriculum concept for grades K-12. It is an adaptive and flexible program that provides individualized learning and assessment for students and is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core for Mathematics.

In Mathletics, students also have the opportunity to compete against other students all around the world in live 60-second math challenges, which fosters a stimulating and exciting online community.

Students love Mathletics for a variety of reasons. They have 24 hour access at both home and school. Students are motivated and engaged with immediate feedback. They are able to work through the curriculum at their own pace. Students are recognized and rewarded on participation and achievement.

Mathletics provides many benefits for teachers and students, from immediate visual support on all activities, to automated marking. Of greatest value, is the continual formative assessment, which can be used diagnostically to guide both class and individual instruction.

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