Math Curriculum

The Seton math curriculum is aligned with Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core for Mathematics. Teachers use a variety of resources to implement these standards. In grades kindergarten through 6th, students use textbooks from the Sadlier-Oxford Math Series. In 7th and 8th grades, students use textbooks from the Glencoe Math Series.

To help our students improve their ability to efficiently solve problems using basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Seton has implemented several practices in addition to our regular math curriculum.

Teachers are using a common vocabulary in regard to math computation in kindergarten through 8th grade. Teachers are using grade-level computation expectations for students to meet. All math teachers do one minute computation exercises called Math Minutes with the students. Teachers of math meet on a regular basis to discuss the students' progress and improvement in computation skills.

Teachers use a variety of math resources and programs to enhance the math curriculum. Students may use interactive programs Mathletics, Khan Academy, Front Row Math, and Flocabulary depending on their class.  To see more about the Mathletics program, go to our Mathletics information link: Mathletics Program.

Teachers in kindergarten through 8th grade are using the Mastering Math Facts Program. This program is a research based system of practicing math facts four days per week and testing once each week. Individual record keeping is done for each student so their progress can be charted throughout the year. Each student's record of progress is kept in a "math portfolio" that is passed on from year to year to inform the current year teacher. The practice pattern for this program is consistent across all grade levels and has been shown to be effective in improving the automaticity needed with basic facts to enable students to solve more complex problems with ease.

Seton is currently following the Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core for Mathematics and we are achieving the goal of each student's math skills improving as well as attaining automaticity with basic facts. We feel the math curriculum and these mathematic programs help improve the student's math performance, and help them to be able to use math in daily activities. The Seton math curriculum and these math programs are an opportunity for all our students to succeed in math at Seton and in our world.