Common Core

Seton Catholic School curriculum is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards. See the documents below to view standards and benchmarks for effective Catholic Schools.

Press Release by Catholic Conference of Illinois

Position Statement by Superintendents of Catholic Dioceses in Illinois

Letter from Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Peoria

Catholic Schools and Common Core: A Primer

Curriculum encompasses the sequentially ordered learning experiences which the school provides for its students. The total curriculum includes the development of Catholic values and attitudes, as well as the attainment of knowledge and skills necessary for the student’s spiritual, moral, intellectual, social and physical development.

The basic core curriculum for Seton School includes the following subjects: Religion, Reading/Literature, English, Spelling, Handwriting, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts (Art, Music), Physical Education, and Computer Education.

In addition to the basic curriculum, Seton students participate in a variety of academic enrichment activities and competitions throughout each school year.

Seton’s core curricular areas have all been aligned with the Illinois State Learning Standards and the Common Core Curriculum standards. Academically, all state and diocesan requirements are fulfilled.