Accelerated Reader 360 Program

Seton is using the Accelerated Reader 360 (AR) program, as well as STAR Reading. STAR Reading is simply a computer-based screening tool that assesses reading comprehension in about 10 minutes. It helps us determine the appropriate level of reading challenge for each child so that students can self-select appropriate reading materials that interest them. STAR Reading helps us monitor reading progress quickly and easily. It is administered to most students in grades 1 to 8 three times each year; September, January, and May. 

The Accelerated Reader 360 Program is a separate reading management software program used to motivate students to read and to provide valuable data to teachers and parents. AR helps us to manage and monitor students’ independent reading practice. 


  • Learn their appropriate reading level from the STAR Reading results.
  • Choose books at their appropriate reading level and read them at their own pace.
  • Take a short AR quiz on the computer over the books they read.  (Passing the quiz indicates comprehension of the book).
  • Receive immediate feedback based on the quiz results.


  • Learn their students’ appropriate reading levels from the STAR Reading results.
  • Manage and monitor their students’ independent reading practice.
  • Receive immediate feedback from the AR quiz results to help students set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.


  • Encourage children to do additional reading at home
  • Be able to check the HOME CONNECT to learn their child’s reading level and monitor their child’s progress as they read books and take quizzes.

Our goal is and has always been to build a culture of reading at Seton. We feel this program helps us to get more students reading more often, improve their reading performance, and help them develop a love of reading. Accelerated Reader 360 is an enrichment opportunity for all students in addition to the reading and literature programs already in place at Seton.