A Message from Principal Barrett


Dear Parents,

Elementary and middle school are very special years in a child's life. He or she will be learning many new things. Parents play a major role in helping their child reach the maximum of his or her potential. Research in the area of child development points out that most of a child's intellectual development takes place before he or she enters a formal classroom. This means that children spend a great deal time with their first teachers and their parents. Indeed, as parents, your involvement in your child's learning experiences will have much to do with how well they succeed in school and in later life. By working together, we believe we can all help your child become the best person available.

We are looking forward to working with your family throughout the school year. We feel education is a high and noble cause, and our primary goal is to see that every child receives the best Catholic education possible. We feel that the success your child enjoys is an indication of a positive attitude for learning that is taught at home and at school. We have prepared the information found in the Parent/Student handbook and this website to aid you in preparing your child for school. We appreciate your involvement and support of Seton School and look forward to a wonderful year.


Jane Barrett