Living as a Seton Community


Mission Statement

The mission of Seton Catholic School is the religious and academic formation of students in preparation for their lives as productive Catholic adults.

Statement of Philosophy

Seton Catholic School is a Catholic Christian community dedicated to a total educational program. We believe that every facet of life is important: spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional. We strive to instill Christian values so that each student becomes a force of good in God's world. Concurrently, our educational program leads, encourages and aids each student to develop his/her intellect to its full potential. We respect the unique attributes of each student. Thus, by providing the atmosphere of living and learning in the light of faith, we encourage each individual to become a whole person - his/her own person.


Our Vision

Seton Catholic School will continue to be a school of excellence with a strong focus on its Catholic identity and academic distinction.

Our school will provide superior academic preparation through a challenging curriculum, while promoting the ongoing formation and spiritual growth of the next generation of Catholic leaders to live the Gospel and to meet their full potential in preparation for a life of service in society. Seton School will actively work to build a solid relationship with the four supporting parishes by encouraging ongoing communication between parishioners and school.

A dedicated and caring faculty will be the hallmark of Seton’s academic excellence. We will be recognized as a vital, indispensable part of education in the Illinois Quad Cities.


Statement of Goals

Spiritual Goals

    To develop an awareness of Christ in self and in others
    To develop Christian values and attitudes
    To increase the knowledge of and respect for the teachings of Christ
    To present basic Catholic doctrine
    To foster responsibility for one’s actions
    To witness our faith through our actions
    To worship and pray together
    To nurture a faith filled life for everyone involved in and with the school
    To build a faith community

 Academic Goals

    To give each child the necessary encouragement and aid to independently attain individual goals
    To provide differentiated learning situations in which personal achievement and success are attainable
    To strive for a stimulating and challenging educational program that provides for individual needs
    To strive for an environment which will enhance the realization of our part in the world community

 Administrative Responsibility

    To provide the educational leadership and the administrative skills to build a faith community through which the total development of each student is promoted
    To provide encouragement and understanding to the faculty and students, recognizing each as a unique individual
    To strive for harmony with the school community, providing an opportunity for honest, open communication
    To aid teachers in providing a total educational program whereby every child is given the opportunity to succeed

 Faculty Responsibility

    To show acceptance and encouragement of each child as a unique individual
    To provide for the individual needs of each student
    To exemplify Christian principles and attitudes
    To maintain professional ethics at all times
    To communicate and interact with the adult personnel: faculty, principals, parents, priests and the Seton School Commission on Education
    To show a spirit of cooperation within each department and between departments
    To continue participation in professional activities and continuing education

 Student Responsibility

    To strive to achieve to the fullest of one's ability
    To exemplify a concern toward one's self and others
    To cooperate with the school laws and regulations
    To accept and respect the uniqueness of each person
    To assume, according to age level and intellectual capacity, co-responsibility with the faculty for development of individualized programs
    To play a supportive role in school activities

 Parental Responsibility

    To be the primary educators of their children
    To cooperate and work in conjunction with the Seton School's faculty, staff and administration
    To be active in and supportive of the Seton School Parents' club