Seton: Our Past Students

Welcome alumni!

You are one of more than 2,400 students that have attended or graduated from Seton Catholic School in the past 40 years. You are a part of the history of this school! You received a strong academic education in a positive faith-filled environment. You grew up to become part of a community, establish close relationships with friends and family, and pursue a career. We have alumni located all over the United States and some overseas.

We are trying to find all our alumni and add them to our database. We are gathering education and occupation information on our graduates. Current data show that 82 percent of our past students have a bachelor's degree of higher. Seton alumni have gone on to many careers in business, education, medicine, technology, service, and more. We are proud of you all!

Please take a moment to look at the graduation class lists and graduation photos below. 

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Graduation Classes

Graduation Classes of 1979-1983
Graduation Classes of 1984-1988
Graduation Classes of 1989-1993
Graduation Classes of 1994-1998
Graduation Classes of 1999-2003


Graduation Class Photos

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Class of 1983, Class of 1984,
Class of 1985, Class of 1986,
Class of 1987, Class of 1988,
Class of 1990, Class of 1991,
Class of 1992, Class of 1993,
Class of 1994
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